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Nifty Options

Get Accurate & Timely tips of Nifty Options & Make the most of market movement without any Hassle of picking stocks

Trade in the Indian Stock Market with NiftyAlert’s Effective Nifty Options Tips

Nifty option is another type of derivative tool that can be used to hedge the index of the NSE that is Nifty, the client can even buy a call or a put depending on the market conditions. Call if the client is bullish and put if the client is bearish on the market.

An option is a contract giving the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying asset (a stock or index) at a specific price on or before a certain date.

An option is a derivative. That is, its value is derived from something else. In the case of a stock option, its value is based on the underlying stock (equity). In the case of an index option, its value is based on the underlying index (equity).

An option is a security, just like a stock or bond, and constitutes a binding contract with strictly defined terms and properties.

  • Plan for Intraday traders.
  • Recommendations for trading in Nifty Options.
  • Tips on the basis of Technical research of stock options only.
  • Recommended Capital: Rs.20,000 -30,000.
  • We will recommend 1-2 tips daily.
  • At a time there may be 1 open positions.
  • We send our expert advise during market hours and current market price
  • Our Advise will deliver you through SMS , Whatsapp and Yahoo IM .
  • All Tips are with Proper SL and target.
  • Get trading plans especially designed for your needs.
  • Get 24×7 dedicated customer support.
  • Advice from experts only.
  • Finally, huge profits and peace of mind.
  • Client satisfaction is our main moto.
  • Technically strong advise.
  • Tips Via SMS
  • Tips Via Whatsapp @ 09717922775
  • TIps via Yahoo Messenger
  • Support on 09717922774 (only for paid members)
Buy Format !
Intraday (ExipryMonth-Nifty Option)
Buy Nifty StrikePrice CE/PE @ EntryPrice
SL- 20 Points Down
T1- 20 Points Up
T2- 20 Points Up
Time: HH:MM AM
Sell Format !
Intraday (ExipryMonth-Nifty Option)
Sell Nifty StrikePrice @ EntryPrice
SL- 20 Points Up
T1- 20 Points Down
T2- 20 Points Down
Time: HH:MM AM
  • Nifty Options
  • INR 8000 Monthly
  • Nifty Options
  • INR 20000 Quarterly
  • Nifty Options
  • INR 35000 Half Yearly
  • Nifty Options
  • INR 51000 Yearly